VAM Acoustic whole house fan

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Product Description

Great capacity and low consumption

Thanks to its slim design and silent running, the VAM fan is ideal for installation in inhabited spaces, such as cupboards or ceiling voids. With its powerful motor, the VAM can extract from up to 6 “wet rooms”. The pressure can be set, during installation, at one of three levels; its characteristics make it particularly well suited to the operation of Demand Controlled extract units.

  • Silent: only 29 dB (A)*. Strong soundproofing of the motor.
  • Constant pressure: specifically for demand controlled ventilation.
  • Pressure level, adjustable at installation: 80, 100 or 120Pa.
  • Low energy consumption: only 23W*.
  • Easy to install: slim design, to be installed in inhabited spaces (cupboard, ceiling void, etc.).

* @ 100 m3/h


VAM_moteurAn intelligent and energy efficient motor

The VAM is driven by an asynchronous single-phase motor in which the number of revolutions is maintained at a constant rate (within the limits of available power), whatever the airflow required by the extract units, thanks to a tachometer and an electronic board. The fan power is optimised to limit noise and energy consumption at every moment.



VAM_instalInstallation in close proximity to the occupant

The silent running and compact construction of the VAM make it really simple to install directly in the inhabited space of the dwelling, in a cupboard, ceiling void etc. Maintenance is then facilitated by its location within the dwelling.




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