V4A Premium Acoustic whole house fan

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Product Description

Silent operation and efficient ventilation of the whole dwelling

The V4A fan has been designed to ventilate a complete dwelling, with up to four extract units located in the kitchen, toilet(s) and bathroom(s). Easily hidden in a loft space, cupboard or ceiling void, the V4A will provide you all the comfort and air quality you can expect from a low consumption, silent fan. When installed in an apartment or individual home, maintenance is simple thanks to its location inside the dwelling. The new Premium version has an impressive specific fan power of a little as 0.26w/l/s. The ECM motor (Electronic Commutation Motor) of the V4A is driven by an electronic card which controls the speed. The motor speed allows the pressure to be maintained at around 118 Pa (max), with the airflow proportional to the variable cross section of the connected humidity controlled extract units.

  • Silent: 33dB(A)*, strong soundproofing and high efficiency ECM Motor.
  • Low energy consumption: less than 13W*.
  • Constant pressure: especially for Demand Controlled extract units.
  • Easy to install: not cumbersome, directly installed in inhabited space (ceiling void, cupboard, etc.).
  • Easy to maintain: simple annual cleaning of the detachable propeller, which is accessible without tools. The motor can also be replaced without removing the fan.

* @ 40m3/h


V4A_double-paroi1Optimised for silence

The motor propeller block, equipped with a high efficiency ECM motor, is mounted on flexible links to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the fan motor to the product envelope, and thus prevents any noise transmission through the ductwork.



V4A_double-paroi2Double-skin envelope

The V4A double-skin envelope optimises silent operation by significantly reducing noise transmission from the fan motor.




V4A_entretienUser-friendly maintenance

Maintenance is made simple because the fan is located in the dwelling, close to the occupant. Cleaning is carried out after removing the cover and propeller which can be easily dismantled thanks to its patented fixing system.




V4A_elec_amovibleOptimised after-sales service on Premium version

The new Premium version offers a removable electrical compartment, for easy replacement of the motor or power supply, without removing or disassembling the fan.


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