V2A Acoustic whole house / individual apartment fan

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Product Description

Discretion and comfort in sanitary installations

With its silent operation and compact construction, the V2A can be discretely fitted into the inhabited space of the dwelling inside a cupboard, loft space or ceiling void. This fan can serve up to two demand controlled extract units located in ”wet rooms” (such as kitchen, bathroom, WC). With a very low power consumption ECM motor (Electronic Commutation Motor), the V2A can provide highly efficient air renewal without being noticed.

  • Silent: only 33dB(A)*. ECM motor, strong soundproofing.
  • Low energy consumption: only 5.5W*.
  • Constant pressure: special for demand controlled extract units.
  • Easy to install: not cumbersome, directly installed in inhabited space (wall cupboard, etc.).
  • Easy to maintain: simple annual cleaning of the filter, easily accessible without tools.
  • 12 VAC output: supplies up to two electrically powered extract units (where used).

* @40m3/h


V2A_flitreAn intelligent motor

The ECM motor (Electronic Commutation Motor) of the V2A is regulated by an electronic board, which controls the speed and enables the maintenance of a constant pressure at around 80Pa, allowing the airflow to be proportional to the variable cross section of the two connected extract units. Consequently, electrical consumption and noise emission are kept at their minimum.



V2A_ouvertInstallation in close proximity to the occupant

Thanks to its silent operation and compact construction, the V2A can be installed directly into the inhabited space, (such as a cupboard, loft space or ceiling void). Maintenance is facilitated by close its proximity to the occupant, and by the removable filter which is easily accessible without need for tools.


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