EMM Humidity Sensitive Window Air Inlet

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Product Description

The essential, quite simply

With the EMM air inlet range, the essential of the Aereco humidity sensitive technology is offered in 2 models of airflow and 3 different colours (standard white). Its simple and robust design has made it a success in many countries. With its acoustic canopy, the EMM air inlet achieves an acoustic attenuation of 37 dB.

  • Humidity sensitive: modulates the airflow according to the local relative humidity rate.
  • Acoustic attenuation: up to 37 dB with acoustic canopy.
  • Manual closing device:¬†enables to reduce the airflow at the minimum in case of strong wind or severe coldness.
  • Easy to maintain: no adjustment, simple yearly dusting.
  • Directional airflow: adjusts the air jet depending on the ceiling proximity.


EMM_flux_dairAdapted to all configurations

The EMM air inlet is characterised by a directional base set at installation, that enables its air jet to be set according to the position of the window relative to the ceiling (vertical or oblique) ensuring maximum comfort for the occupants.



EMM_obturateurA closing device against very low external temperatures

A manual closing device, fitted as standard, allows manual blocking of the air inlet in minimum setting, in order to prevent the supply of fresh air. This option can be useful in countries where temperature can drop down very low or in case of strong wind. In areas particularly exposed to the wind, it’s recommended to use the AC airflow controler canopy in addition.


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