EHT780 Humidity Sensitive Wall Air Inlet (indoor part)

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Product Description

The efficient wall mounted air inlet

Installed on an exterior wall or on a rolling shutter casing, the EHT humidity sensitive air inlet is the ideal choice for air admission through the wall, and thus provides an alternative where lack of available space (on window frames) prevents the installation of window mounted air inlets. With additional accessories, this inlet offers an outstanding acoustic attenuation performance of up to 52dB. Although designed for use in any dwelling this inlet has also been found to be particularly well suited for installation in tall buildings or where exterior access is difficult, as the insect filter (where fitted) is easily accessible from the interior of the building, and the ACW airflow controller (where fitted) can limit the airflow to 40m3/h, and thus eliminate unpleasant draughts in high wind conditions. A manual closing device is also fitted for protection against cold weather and strong winds.

  • Humidity sensitive: modulates airflow according to the local relative humidity rate.
  • Core drilling: easy installation on the wall with ø100mm or ø125mm core, particularly well suited to refurbishment projects.
  • Acoustic attenuation: up to 52dB with accessories.
  • Easy to maintain: no adjustment, simple annual dusting. Easily accessible filters from inside the dwelling.


2Simplified wall installation

Easy to install, particularly in refurbishment, the circular hole can be made using a core drill ø100mm (standard), or ø125mm (for the maximum acoustic kit).




ACW-D100-kit-EHT-complet-mur-fond-blancEfficient protection against external noise pollution

The complete acoustic kit of the EHT (EHT + ø125mm duct + acoustic foam + acoustic canopy) allows an acoustic attenuation Dn,e,w = 52dB, which places it among the best products available on the market.



EHT_filtre_insectesA clever insect filter (optional extra)

When cleaning the insect filter nothing could be easier: the EHT is unclipped and the removable filter is easily accessible from the interior of the dwelling.




ACW-D100-kit-EHT-complet-mur-fond-blancACW: automatic airflow controller (optional extra)

The ACW makes it possible to limit the maximum airflow to 40m3/h in a ø100 or ø125mm duct, even when the pressure exceeds 10Pa (in a high wind for example).


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