BXC273 Demand Controlled Extract Unit For Kitchen / Utility

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Product Description

A multifunctional extract unit

The BXC273 incorporates all the functions one could request from an air extract unit. With various activation modes such as humidity, presence, CO2 and VOC for example, the BXC automatically adjusts the level of ventilation according to occupants’ needs. The variable airflow range can be set at installation to adapt to special requirements, or to compensate for lack of pressure. Commissioning is also facilitated by the presence of an integrated pressure plug allowing connection to a manometer.

  • Multiple versions and detection modes: humidity sensitive, presence detection, manual switching, CO2 orVOC detection, and remote control versions.
  • Airflow ‘+’: possible to set the airflow basic levels at installation (up to +50 m3/h max. airflow).
  • Silent working: silent boost airflow activation (electric versions).
  • Battery indicator: buzzer to indicate low battery life (battery powered electric versions only).
  • Pressure plug: special device to enable pressure measurement.
  • Simple maintenance: removable shutter case and front cover for easy cleaning.
  • High quality coating: white shine gloss.
BXC_debit-reglableAdjustable airflow at installation

The BXC extract grille offers a range of possible airflow settings to meet specific needs, or regulatory requirements. The fixed shutter can be set at one of six positions, with an average step between each setting of + 10 m3/h (maximum = + 50 m3/h). This can, for example, be very useful to compensate for a lack of pressure.


BXC_prise-pressionPressure plug to help commissioning

The integrated pressure plug enables the measurement of pressure, by means of a manometer, to determine the airflow or to check the installation.



BXC_led_CO2CO2 or VOC detection versions

The BXC is the first extract unit in the world to offer integrated CO2 and VOCsensors. These innovations are particularly well suited to applications such as schools, offices, gymnasiums, mobile-homes, etc. A remote control version is also available.



BXC_design-closeupA high quality and contemporary coating

With its white shine gloss coating and its sharp design, the BXC provides a modern and functional aesthetic for a new generation of extract grilles.


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